Classes offered for children 0-3 years of age

Language Through Play (ages 2-3 years) – This is an opportunity for toddlers and young preschoolers to play and interact with peers in a safe and loving learning environment. Speech-language pathologists will lead activities designed to provide opportunities for communication and social interactions. Activities will target improving or enhancing each child’s language skills. Skills addressed will be based on each child’s and family’s needs and may include sharing, following simple directions, imitating actions, improving communication skills, and participating in simple group activities.  Each class session typically includes music time, age-appropriate books, simple crafts, and gross motor play. Parents will receive detailed feedback and ideas to carryover skills at home.

Social Language & Motor Development (ages 2-3 years) – This class is similar to the Language Through Play classes with an extra hour to allow time for more motor activities and snack time.  This class is intended to improve both social communication and physical skills of young children. It is led by a speech-language pathologist and occupational therapist.

Parent Coaching Bootcamp (ages 0-12 months & 12-24 months) This class is designed to be a resource for parents as they monitor their child’s development. A developmental therapist will provide hands-on training in the areas of feeding, behavior, fine motor skills, play skills, communication and more. A speech-language pathologist and  occupational therapist will be available to support families as needed.