Marian Hope’s mission travels into the home, church, daycare, private school, and community organizations that share the mission of lighting that fire, of successfully assisting children in reaching their God-given potential.

Marian Hope staff educates and provides supports to parents/caregivers in the home;

Marian Hope educates and sets up programs for daycare and private schools to successfully integrate children who learn “differently”;

Marian Hope provides education and training to any community organization wanting to learn about the importance of building a community strong in the gifts of all God’s children, our foundation of the future.


Home-Based Therapy

Our therapists provide therapy in the home setting. We help families set up a child’s natural environment in the most functional ways to help them be successful. We assess a child’s basic routines (mealtime, bathtime, playtime, etc…) and give parents/caregivers the tools to help facilitate learning within these routines. We train our families on simple techniques so, together, we can accelerate each child’s progress.

Community Trainings

We go into community organizations (sporting organizations, churches, daycares, dance studios, etc…) and provide staff inservices on ways to successfully integrate children with varying levels of abilities and challenges. The more people in our community that are equipped with tools to communicate and socialize with those with special needs, the more opportunities for our children to be successful in our community.

Private & Catholic Schools

With 1 in 6 children being diagnosed with some form of developmental delay or disability children all over our community are struggling to keep up with the educational demands of our schools. We offer a variety of options for private and catholic schools to help them successfully educate children, who may otherwise “fall through the cracks”.

We offer screening, evaluations, on-site therapy services, staff/teacher education and training, classroom assessments & observations, modification and accommodations to classroom structure, implementation of a functional tracking system and data collection, and much more.

Family Education & Training

Family education and training is a part of all of our programs at Marian Hope Center. It’s an essential key to the success of every one of our children. We provide parents with the tools and techniques needed to be the primary conduit of the skills we teach their children.  We assess all of the different routines in a child’s life and then work with parents so they can reinforce the skills in all daily interactions with their child.  We’ve found that our “teach the teacher” approach makes a real and meaningful difference in the lives of both the children and their parents.