Marian Hope Center for Children's Learning


We provide a nurturing environment where children feel safe and loved. We focus on “integration” vs. “segregation” by incorporating peers without special needs into our therapy classes.

Marian Hope Academy

The mission of Marian Hope Academy Christian School for Creative Learning is to unite with families in providing a personalized education saturated in Christian roots that will foster a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ to transform the world for God’s Glory.
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Family Health & Nutrition 

Marian Hope Center believes that to maximize the full potential of a child, it is important to focus on all aspects of a child. What a child eats is fuel for his/her brain, behavior and overall health. To make the most gains out of our therapy services, it is so important that our children feel "good" on the inside.
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Home & Community Outreach Services

Our Outreach Program is growing based on the high demands for therapy, community resources and trainings. We provide a variety of services in the home, daycares, preschools, private & Catholic schools, sporting organizations and any other community operation that desires the tools to successfully integrate all children despite their challenges.
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Why You Should Get Involved

There are lots of reasons to get involved with the Marian Hope Center! Watch the video to the right for a little background about why we exist and what we do every day.

If you or someone you know could help us financially with our many ongoing projects, please contact our Executive Director, Heather Ruoff.

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