What a child eats affects how they think, function, feel, and behave.

When Marian Hope suggested going gluten-free to help my daughter, I thought it was “really alternative” particularly because many of our meals consisted of pasta, bread and frozen pizza.

After considering the recommendation and doing my own research, I decided to try it. The changes were noticeable and came within just a couple weeks.

Eventually we gave up both gluten and dairy and although it was hard at first and a little more expensive, I would do anything to help my child. And the changes helped my family too.

My daughter was processing language better and had significant increases in speech. My other daughter’s eczema cleared up and I was no longer getting migraines.

Embracing a nutrient-rich diet has changed my child and my family’s life!

Diet is a Critical Component to a Child’s Success!


We educate children and families about the benefits of nutrient dense foods, the importance of foods from the earth like fruits and vegetables and how good food makes us feel good.


We provide healthy snacks and learn about nutritious food throughout all our programs. Children are engaged in gardening, planning and preparation of healthy foods.


Intervention is necessary when there are challenges that hinder or inhibit the ability to eat. When a child has been diagnosed with a feeding disorder, a therapist creates a care plan tailored to your child’s needs.

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