Leaders and Chefs in Training

The students at Marian Hope Academy are on a mission to share truth about what we are eating and encourage other teens to learn the importance of:

  • God-made foods
  • How to cook with them
  • And all the benefits of eating whole foods.  

Their desire comes from a place of compassion and concern. “We care about the health of our friends and see too many of them that are sick, tired all the time or suffering with chronic illnesses at way too young of an age,” one student expressed after realizing how many of her friends were taking medication.  

It only makes sense that what we put in our body is going to affect how we feel and function. Our organs need necessary nutrients to function optimally. Sadly, our food culture has evolved down a concerning path – one of more processed foods and less foods from the earth.  Our food, along with all of the other toxins in our environment, is making us sick.

So we decided to start our own cooking show called Chefs In Training. What’s even more exciting is we are partnering with Robin Cook, nutrition coach and author of Cook 2 Flourish. It is our hope to bring in some humor and fun while educating other teens on the value of nutrition-rich foods while sharing some yummy recipes.

It is hard when you are a young teen desiring to treat your body well and eat healthy—but it is more doable with friends who aspire to live the same way. “I used to be embarrassed about my healthy lunches,” a student shared, “but now I’m thankful for them and thankful for having friends who want to encourage others to make healthy choices too!”

We believe God designed each one of us with a special plan and purpose and it is much easier to do all God calls us to do when we are living in optimal health, physically, mentally and spiritually. So we believe that eating healthy glorifies God. And we should glorify God in all things—and that includes what we put into our bodies.

Check out our Chefs in Training Episode One video here .  Please share with others and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss a video!

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