Peer Models

Parent Testimonial

Serenity has grown so much during her time being a peer model. It introduced her to children in a smaller setting and it gave her a purpose. It made her compassionate and treat every child the same, she never judges any child. It has also helped her be this amazing big sister. She protects [her brother] and helps him everyday and has grown to understand him and why he doesn’t speak.

I know Serenity sometimes has “baby talk” and you can’t quite understand her. The teacher there at MH brought it to my attention so in Kindergarten they have speech therapists who will pull her out of class everyday to work on that. I would’ve never requested that if it wasn’t for the ladies at Marian Hope. It gave Serenity a safe space to grow, be humble and to see other children and for the price I paid it was well worth it. I would do it again and again.

– Jessica M.

Parent Testimonial

There are no words to adequately say how much Marian Hope has done for my son. It’s truly a heart work. Benjamin was not ready for his kindergarten year and I spent countless sleepless nights worrying about what to do for him. We were still learning about diagnoses and what they meant in our lives.The moment I toured MH I knew it was a perfect fit.

Benjamin went from hardly talking, not knowing his ABC’s or being able to hold a pencil to writing his name, singing the ABC’s and telling me stories. Marian Hope was the epitome of God’s love and mouthpiece for me to get him the tools he needs. I knew that I was taking him to a place filled with love, patience, and structure that he desperately needed. Marian Hope exceeded my expectations.
Elizabeth T.

Children Learning
Life skills

Child Testimonial

I’ve been here since I was little. I have enjoyed making friends and all of the teachers. I am more comfortable with my speech and talking to others. I love Marian Hope.
– Ammon

I have grown in being more social and making friends since coming to Marian Hope. I have become more confident in myself. I love coming to Marian Hope.
– Easton

I have gained confidence in myself. I have made friends since being at Marian Hope. It’s a good place with a nice staff. I like how considerate Marian Hope is with dietary needs.
– Sophie

Therapist Testimonial

My family moved back home to Missouri in March of 2020. I am a speech language pathologist and was looking for a flexible, part time SLP job. Thankfully, I found my way to Marian Hope.
I love working at Marian Hope because I get to work closely with my families, walking alongside them to help champion their kids. I am able to form deep relationships with them, and I have the freedom to do whatever is needed to help meet a child’s need. I love Marian Hope’s mission of seeing the whole child and loving and serving them like Jesus does. I am deeply thankful that Marian Hope cultivates this type of work environment. It is a beautiful place to be.
– Katie A.

Katie working
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