With so many different nutrition messages, books and programs available it can feel overwhelming to know where to start.

We can help!

Do you or your child suffer from allergies, eczema, ADHD, Autism, diabetes, weight management, developmental delays, or gastrointestinal discomfort?

We can help!

With a world full of processed foods, environmental toxins, and depleted food sources, we all need help making better nutrition choices for our families. Not only can better nutrition help improve development and behavior, but kids learn better when they feel better.

Our therapists and educators work with our registered dietitians to help families understand and embrace better nutrition for their child and for the whole family. What a child eats does affect how he thinks, functions, feels, and behaves. Diet is a critical component to the child’s success. The Standard American Diet is not meeting the nutritional needs of children today and the effects are progressive. Marian Hope is passionate about educating families and the community on ways we can shift our food culture so our children can live a life of health, clarity, and vibrancy that God desires for them.  We are committed to the development of the whole child, which is why we have a Registered Dietitian on staff ready to help you.

Services We Provide

Individualized Nutritional Counseling

Discount on Quality Supplements

The quality of supplements really matters in their effectiveness for improving you or your child’s health. This is why our Registered Dietitian has put together a list of trusted supplements from reliable companies. This resource can help you make great supplement choices without the confusion and hassle of navigating the store shelves.  After your first nutritional consultation, you will receive the access code to order high quality supplements through Fullscript with a 10% discount.

Our Dietitian

Blakely Page RD, LD, has been a dietitian in Kansas City for 9 years. When the standard public health messages she was taught were failing both herself and her clients, she learned a holistic approach to nutrition through mentoring, individual study, and a passion to help people thrive. Blakely will work with you to find the right approach for your unique body.  Contact Blakely at blakelyapage@gmail.com.