Parents are raving about the successes and happiness they are seeing in their children
because of Marian Hope Academy:

You have no idea how much we love YOU and being part of MHA! We are so happy and relived to hear that [our daughter] is responding well to her boundaries. She was so excited to receive her note from you. She was bursting with excitement to show off her new cup this afternoon. It was all she could do to make it home to show Daddy. You and Kristen are so wonderful and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! We are so blessed to have a school that works with [our daugher] and encourages her development. I don’t believe there is another school within the city, or state, that is as devoted to children and their individual needs like MHA. I know how hard you work and how you pour your every fiber into that school. I just want you to know that you are truly an amazing woman that has such a beautiful heart and committed spirit. You are so very appreciated for all you do.

As for Ms. Kristen, she has such a sweet and gentle soul. I could not hand pick a better teacher for our baby girl. The invaluable work that she does is simply amazing. It is such a privilege to have her as our partner in bringing up [our daughter].

I feel like words aren’t enough to express just how much we think of you ladies. Thank you just doesn’t cover it. But I hope in some way you understand how grateful we are!

Love and gratitude to you both!

– MHA Parents


This is the first time [my daughter] has ever felt happy to go to school, it is a miracle for us! [She] feels like she finally has a group of girlfriends and not one child in the school is mean and hateful, like the torment she had at public school. [She] loves all the teachers and they are patient and kind to her, she comes home excited and happy everyday! [She] is actually learning so many different things! It is amazing to hear her and watch her with all her new skills! There is such a variety of things provided by your wonderful school, I cannot say enough great things about the Academy! [My daughter] said it feels like a family at school, and I feel she is actually learning so much better because she is not full of stress and anxiety anymore! Just wanted to give you a brief perspective of what she says and what i am seeing daily!  Thank you again for loving my [daughter]!

– MHA Parent

Dear sweet Angie [Knight], I am so thankful for you and for creating MHA!  You are a wonderful, kind, sweet woman! My [daughter] has grown in so many ways in the short amount of time she has attended MHA! We are so very thankful [she] gets to be a part of this wonderful creative school!  Thank you so very much for bringing your light and joy to [my daughter’s] life!

– MHA Parent

Our boys are expanding their knowledge of so many topics and are enjoying it!  One of the components of a recent book report project was an oral report.  My husband commented about how much our oldest has improved since this time last year.  He added humor to his report and established rapport with the audience.  It is exciting to see the spark and love they have for learning!  Science and History are a favorite.  As parents, we are enjoying refreshing (and learning) Latin root words, a basis for so many English words.
Our youngest is feeling totally confident with reading and math.  He is doing math problems on his own in his head and has a great foundation to build on.  Math U See has totally clicked for him.  Using manipulatives has made math come to life!  The individualized approach to learning is working!

– MHA Parent
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