Before we went to Marian Hope Center it felt as if we were losing our son. He would stare off in a daze, had poor eye contact, wasn’t talking, would often seek to be alone, wouldn’t let most people touch him and was always pretty irritated. After taking him to MHC we immediately saw improvement. We met with their nutritionist who gave us invaluable information about a gluten free/casein free diet and supplements. After changing his diet we immediately saw improvement in all areas he had previously struggled in. Once he started therapy at MHC he went from not talking to saying, “Ready, set, go!”, “down”, “all done” and has mimicked other words his therapists have said on numerous occasions. He went from a child who would not tolerate touch to a child that now reaches out for his therapist’s hand to guide him. This happened after only 2 months of therapy and changing his diet! We are beyond grateful for The Marian Hope Center and the amazing people who work there!


Thank you so much for everything! You guys have been truly amazing! Theresa and Rene were so wonderful! They were great not only teaching Caden, but also teaching me ways to help him! We are very grateful for them and your services! Thanks again!


I just wanted to take a few moments to convey how appreciative we are of your services to Jaxon. Specifically the dedication that Jenna has provided to him by giving him all the attention and therapy he has needed in the time allotted. Jenna has continued to make great strides with Jaxon improving his speech to a level we never thought possible. We are sad that he will not be continuing at Marian Hope but are forever grateful for the wonderful people that have had an impact on his life.

I cannot express enough how happy we are with Jenna and the professionalism and knowledge that she holds. Her relationship with Jaxon has created a unique bond and that is something that he will miss. Beyond her knowledge Jenna holds herself to a high standard of professionalism in regards to being on time to appointments, being prepared and always having a smile on her face ready to devote energy into her sessions with Jaxon.

Watching in on sessions I can gather that she is truly committed to her work and building a bond with her kids. Jaxon has far exceeded our expectations with his advancements in speech and we can mainly attest this to the work that Jenna has provided. I am so glad that we had the chance to work with Jenna and I hope the experience was just as gratifying for her as well. Although I have limited acknowledgment of speech therapists; I must say Jenna is by far the best I have encountered. I wish her continued success within your operation and hope that you can pass along my praise.

Thank you for everything!

-Jessica B., Parent

When our daughter was diagnosed with her developmental delays we tried everything the doctors suggested. We trusted our doctors and were determined to give everything a shot. Eventually though we realized we hadn’t made any progress, and started to look at the foods that we were feeding our family. I began to attend the Nutritional Support Group meetings at Marian Hope Center. There I heard all of their stories about how they were helping their children become successful through making diet changes. We started out slow and with small steps, but gradually we changed how our family ate. Our daughter has shown dramatic changes since we have started on this journey, no more digestion issues, no more acid reflux, and her language expression increased! Instead of getting sick every winter we have seen her body get stronger and her immune system be able to fight back. I am convinced that the changes we made to what we eat are 100% responsible for the success that our daughter has achieved. The Nutritional Support Services have been invaluable in helping our family stay consistent and keep learning more about nutrition.


I have some great news about [my daughter]! So, usually the most we can get out of her is a 2-word statement, maybe an “oh” thrown in for a possible 3 words. Saturday morning at about 2 am she cried out and then she said,”I need help in here please!!”

In the few seconds it took us to process, she was snoring again! I thought I had dreamed it until I saw the look on [my husband’s] face. It was the clearest I have ever heard her talk!! We also put her in her big girl bed for the first time last night. She stayed in it all night (except for rolling out of it once)!
Thank you all so much for everything you have done for our entire family!!!!! I don’t know what we would do without The Marian Hope Center and the wonderful people who make it what it is!!!