Sounds scary huh? Well this one is not scary (for a change) – it’s AMAZIJackson's Honest Potato ChipsNG and I want to make sure you know about it. There’s a great company out of Colorado called Jackson’s Honest Chips. These potato chips are so good that they were selected to be one of the green room snacks at the 2013 Oscars! My hunch is that taste was only part of the selection since the real claim to fame of this product is they are fried in COCONUT OIL. Yep, no more nasty canola, sunflower, or safflower seed oils! We finally have a potato chip we can love! My mom actually found these last year and my dad has been ordering them in bulk ever since. They haven’t been in the Kansas City area…until now! You can buy them at Whole Foods in Overland Park, KS. If that’s too far away, call our friends at Nature’s Pantry in Independence, MO and make a suggestion. Once you try them, you may want to order them by the case online, because they are THAT good.

I hear flavors are coming soon! Happy snacking!

Blakely Page RD,LD

Registered Dietitian, Marian Hope Center



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