We received this testimony from a parent last spring and had to share…
I have some great news about [my daughter]! So, usually the most we can get out of her is a 2-word statement, maybe an “oh” thrown in for a possible 3 words. Saturday morning at about 2 am she cried out and then she said,

“I need help in here please!!”

In the few seconds it took us to process, she was snoring again! I thought I had dreamed it until I saw the look on [my husband’s] face. It was the clearest I have ever heard her talk!! We also put her in her big girl bed for the first time last night. She stayed in it all night (except for rolling out of it once)!

Thank you all so much for everything you have done for our entire family!!!!! I don’t know what we would do without The Marian Hope Center and the wonderful people who make it what it is!!!

This child has received speech/language and OT services through Marian Hope. She has Down syndrome. She is currently attending classes twice a week at Marian Hope. She is three years old and lives with her mom,  dad, and two little brothers.

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