What is Marian Hope Academy?

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Last year, Marian Hope added a small Christian School to our programs in order to truly fulfill our mission of inclusion. The Marian Hope Academy Christian School for Creative Learning (MHA) is unique and is different from the traditional model of education. The schodownload (34)ol is for children of all abilities and skills. MHA desires to immerse students in their strengths and build their confidence in the person God created them to be.

We want students to be intrinsically motivated to learn as this produces a LOVE for learning and sparks curiosity beyond imagination.

Curiosity leads to deep thinking.

We use multi-sensory teaching strategies to foster each student’s learning style.

Our standards and expectations are high and we do not set limits on a child’s potential.

Our focus is on the whole child….social, emotional, spiritual, health and academic development in a Christ-Centered environment.

download (3) Angie Knight, MA, CCC-SLP
Founder of Marian Hope

You can follow the events and progress at MHA by liking the Facebook page and continuing to read our blog.

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  1. Corrie
    Corrie says:

    Brought to (happy) tears at this news! I MUST know more. Please feel free to contact me directly – I am very interested.

  2. Gina Carpenter
    Gina Carpenter says:

    I homeschool my daughter that is in 7th grade this year. She keeps hearing about your school from some girls she takes ballet with.

    816 665 7274


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