We know your days are hectic and adding in handwriting practice can be very hard.  Try to use a few of these ideas during your everyday activities:

  • While you are fixing dinner have your child help you by picking out a word or letter from the recipe or ingredient list to write.
  • During a commercial break from their favorite show, have the child write a word or letter from the show or commercial they are watching.
  • During bath time have your child write words or letters in soap or shaving cream.
  • Keep a white board with washable dry erase markers or window crayons in the car. At each red light they can try to write as many words or letters as they can before the light turns green.
  • While your child is playing outside have them practice writing with sidewalk chalk. Make it a fun game!
    • Have them race down the end of the driveway and write a letter or word then race back. You can time them to see how fast they can go.
    • Have a scavenger hunt. Have them write down one item you need to go find.  Then you write a word of something they need to find  (grey rock, small leaf, grass, flower, etc).
    • Make a road with a few pit stops along the way.  At each pit stop have a letter or word written on the concrete. Have them ride their bike to the “pit stop” and write the word or letter that they find.

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