Generous Contributions Increase Technology

We feel so blessed.

BIG changes are happening in 2013 for the Marian Hope Center. We are constantly re-evaluating the services we provide to help us best meet the needs of our community. You may have heard about one of our recent changes on local television stations – click here to see us KCTV5 and click here for KSHB 41 Action News’s story. We recently received two generous contributions from corporations to expand our use of technology to enhance our therapy services.

Marian Hope Center was the recipient of a $10,000 contribution from Lucity Inc. and a $5,000 contribution from AT&T. We want to provide the children we service with the best therapies possible to help them reach their great potentials. These contributions are amazing blessings as the varying needs of the children in our community are great. Here are some of the main ways tablets are changing the lives at Marian Hope:

  • Providing a voice – Many children have amazing gifts but cannot communicate their thoughts with voice. The use of tablets at our center has been an alternative communication for some of our children. We have seen kids greet their friends, join in singing familiar songs, and request certain foods during snack time using tablets and other augmentative communication devices.  Technology has given them a voice that they otherwise would not have.
  • A unique therapy tool – tablets are used as a tool that can help with auditory processing, visual processing, fine motor skills, handwriting, turn taking, sharing, problem solving, expressive language, speech, and so much more.
  • Motivating children – Most children seem drawn to the tablets.  We are able to download apps to customize activities to incorporate the child’s interests.
  • Anyone can do it! – Technology has been a part of our therapy sessions for a while now, so what makes the tablets different?  They can be operated with a single touch and we have seen children with motor impairments successfully participate with a tablet.
  • Improved record keeping – We can’t lie.  Technology is making our paperwork easier too.  This will allow us to spend more time developing therapy activities and consulting with parents.  It will also help us to share information about a child’s progress more easily and quickly with his or her parents and school.

tablet during circle time 1

Here’s what our therapists are saying about the difference the tablets are making at Marian Hope Center:

“In our vision class, the skills we work on include eye teaming, visual perception, and scanning. We have some children that are not able to scan and use both eyes together for more then 5 seconds. The tablets have allowed us to download games and activities that are fun and exciting for the children. The kids will play a game/activity while increasing the above skills without even knowing that they are working. It’s a win-win situation. The kids get to do a rewarding and we get progress towards our goals!” – Occupational Therapist

“The tablets have helped my clients learn to communicate more effectively. They have also helped motivate my clients to learn and understand language better.” – Speech-Language Pathologist

“I was in the middle of a session with my client and needed an activity which would work on 3 areas at once.  As we began to transition, I suddenly remembered that I now had tablet we could utilize.  My client loved it and worked harder!” – Occupational Therapist
“I was thrilled to see a client with apraxia so motivated to use his best speech while utilizing the speech-to-text feature!” – Speech-Language Pathologist
To AT&T and Lucity, we are very thankful for your support. Thanks for helping us change lives!
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