The world of nutrition supplementation can be confusing and overwhelming to say the least. Even as a Registered Dietitian with experience and training in supplementation, it is hard to keep up and navigate all the different options available.

Because all of us at Marian Hope Center are committed to the whole child, we have a simple way for you to access the highest quality nutrition supplements available for you and your children.

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Do I or my family need supplements?

I can’t say 100% for sure that your child needs supplements without doing some lab testing, but if there are any behavioral, neurological, and/or gastrointestinal issues then it is a likely “yes.” Additionally, some basic facts regarding Americans’ nutrition can be helpful here- all according to the USDA:

27% don’t meet calcium needs

66% don’t meet iron needs

25% don’t meet folate needs

32% don’t meet magnesium needs

70-80% don’t meet B-vitamin needs… and the list goes on.

 In 2004, Dr. Donald Davis did a crop-nutrient study and found the nutrient density of over 43 crops has declined over the past 50 years. These same 43 showed “statistically reliable declines” in protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin and Vit C.

Researchers propose that fruits and vegetables can lose up to 50% of their nutrients within 3-5 days out of the field. Additionally, many of our medications (especially for heartburn and reflux) actively deplete vitamins and minerals.

All aspects of our environment are deficient in nutrition, including our food.


How much of a difference is there in supplements? How much does quality really matter?

Quality makes 100% of the difference. The FDA does not regulate nutrition supplementation therefore quality companies use independent groups to rest and regulate for toxicity and quality. Companies who have quality research around their products and use 3rd party testing should be used. “Voluntary certifications” aren’t all they’re cracked up to be either since companies can actually purchase these.

There are various forms of vitamins and minerals to choose from and some are more efficiently absorbed by the body. For example, Magnesium is a commonly used and needed supplement and the cheapest form is Magnesium Carbonate. However, Magnesium Citrate, Malate, and Glycinate are much better absorbed by the body than the carbonate. The same would be true for Calcium. Vitamin D3 is better absorbed by the body than Vitamin D2.

The quality testing good companies do is expensive. The cost for a company to do a 3rd- party assay test on their vitamin with about 20 ingredients can cost the company $12,000. This is why a high-quality vitamin can cost $30 when there is a $9.95 version also available. It costs the company more to make the higher quality vitamin.


Where do I start?

The optimal place to start is with an appointment with me to determine exactly what you/your child need. Contact me for questions/scheduling ( or Sue ( to inquire about possible insurance coverage for Medical Nutrition Therapy.

However, an appropriate place to start would also be with 3 core supplements that are appropriate for and well tolerated by most people, young and old alike. These can provide good results and major benefits. These 3 core supplements are:

 1. Multivitamin

2. Probiotic

3. Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil

 Again, remember, quality matters. Having a poorly absorbed multivitamin, a wimpy probiotic, or a toxic/rancid fish oil will waste your money and defeat your supplementation efforts. Because we value and believe in quality supplements we are doing everything to make them easily accessible to you!


Here are your options:

1. Get 10% discount on each order at Emerson Ecologics ( when you setup your “patient” account using the info below.


  • Order when it’s convenient for you
  • Minimize the confusion of all the product options available by having access to only my approved list of supplements
  • Support Marian Hope Center, get a discount, and choose from highest quality nutrition supplements available
  • I can add products you need at any point and will expand our list of approved supplements as needed. Just contact me!

Notes for account setup:

  • Go to and in top right choose “create a new account”
  • Choose “patient”
  • Use access code: marian
  • Use zip code: 64055
  • Use practitioner: Blakely Page

2. Order supplements recommended by our friend, Dr. John Hicks at Elementals Living.

This options works well for Dr. Hicks patients or those who know of specific products available through Elementals Living that are not available through Emerson.

3. Coming soon…

Small stock of common supplements will be available at Marian Hope Center for direct purchase.


Happy supplementing! – Blakely Page, RD, LD


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