One mom recently shared her feelings about her daughter as a peer model in a Language Enrichment class. Her daughter is enrolled in the same class as her nephew, who has an Autism diagnosis.

peer model
My daughter has learned to give her cousin “squeezes” when he feels overwhelmed or screams. He LOVES it! And it has really touched my heart and his mother’s that she has learned to do this. Now a child who does not enjoy socializing and has trouble making friends cries her name when we leave. I love that she has learned that kids that scream just need help and wheelchairs, hearing aids, and using iPads to talk are normal and just the same as her. I feel she is learning just as much as the other children who are there for therapy and she doesn’t even know it. So thankful for this opportunity for her.


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  1. This experience will help both through out their lives .
    You are blessed

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