Gluten-Free Can Change Your Life: A Family’s Testimony


I just wanted to send you an email this weekend to express again how truly thankful we are for Marian Hope.
This weekend we had D.’s and J.’s birthday party and I can honestly say that out of the 7 kiddos there, the most well behaved were D. and B. (from D.’s class.) As we experience more and more things with the Gluten Free D., we are just blown away by his behavior change. We are also noticing that it is still improving the longer we go with it.

I was thinking about it today, and I think that his behavior change has impacted, pretty much, every area of our lives. The most important being, his relationship with his twin, J. Now that D. is changing, J. is also changing….I am changing…we all are changing.

[My husband’s] dad and his wife were here this weekend and they were speechless. (When we told them we were trying GF they were very, very skeptical.) When they left they told us that they had compiled a scrapbook of their visit last summer and they noticed that D. wasn’t smiling during any of the pictures and they were very sad about that…and now, seeing him this visit, there is a different kid, who is smiling…often.

Thank you so much, and I know, if D. could say it he would…thanks for bringing my smile back and making it possible for me to be who I truly am.

– N.S.


Everyone is invited to learn more about the gluten-free diet and other special diets at our FREE Nutritional Management Support Group meetings, held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30PM at Marian Hope Learning Center OR schedule a consultation with our dietician, Blakely Page (

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