Books = Brain FoodBooks are to the brain like food is to the body.

The food choices available today include “fake” food such as Skittles, fast food, and processed box foods as well as God-made food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.  When a child is accustomed to “fake” food, he or she will likely become addicted and therefore lack the desire for God-made food. When the body is able to absorb God-given food without the insult of processed “man-made” foods, it will likely heal itself of ailments.  It will eventually reject (through headaches, tummy aches, etc.) the “fake” food that is heavily marketed in our society.

Books are the same way. “Twaddle” books that do not contain depth of learning will not feed the brain. If a child only reads “worldly” books that keep attention through nonsense humor or dramatic unrealistic story-lines, the child will not likely crave great classical literature that fuels the brain and allows it to soar beyond all possibilities.

Parents can control the choices! If the choice is between apples or Skittles…the child will likely select Skittles. If the choice is between the Junie B. Jones series or Little Women, the child will likely choose Junie B. Jones. Most of us only have our children under our care for 18 years. We are setting the standard for them to follow for the rest of their lives. We need to take advantage of the ability to control what is available to them while we still have that chance. We must ask ourselves, “What choices for food and books would God give?

Similarly, if you give technology as a choice, it will likely win every time. Please use wisdom in the amount of screen time that you allow your child to have. I challenge you to try taking all technology away for a few days and see the transformation that occurs. Idle time and boredom often lead to innovative thinking, and that will set a child apart from his or her peers! Let’s not stifle a child’s creative growth!

So…what are you feeding your child’s brain today?

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