Just because inclusion is challenging

Just because inclusion is challenging, does not mean we deny children the opportunity to be included. Marian Hope Academy is a school that is rooted in Christian principles, has high standards and expectation for all children and includes children of all learning abilities. The reason many schools do not accept those with various learning needs, is because they lack the education, training and supports to make inclusion successful; and let’s be honest, it is hard.

Because 1 in 6 children are diagnosed with some developmental learning disability, I believe it is paramount that all schools find a system of  “successful” inclusion, even if on a small, limited scale. We have connected with a few Catholic and Christian Schools who have also embraced Marian Hope’s vision for inclusion and are doing a fantastic job at including children with special needs into their schools! So I say again, just because inclusion can be challenging, does not mean we deny children the opportunity to be included.

– Angie Knight
Founder, Marian Hope

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